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The City Revival - On Display

The Israeli punk rock band "The City Revival", which we discovered in the last performance of "Useless ID", is releasing its debut album today, June 24, 2022.

The band "The City Revival" was formed in 2019 when in the same year they released their first EP "No Skin Just Bones" which contained 5 songs. The band consists of Lior Babani Guitars and vocals, Hemi Keren Guitars and backing vocals, Guy Gorlan Bass and Oz Yitzhak on drums.

The album, entitled "On Display", which the band worked on for a year, was created under the production and guidance of the famous punk anchor, Yishai Berger, who most of you know from the band "Useless ID" and the project "Tabarnak" (by the way, he also maintains a solo career) and you can even meet him in the Ozen record store.

The band releases this album under the label "White Russian Records" (named after the drink), which is a Dutch label specializing in punk rock, hardcore, and everything around. Holds quite a number of bands from the genre and he attests that it is not big but loves what it does and supports their bands all the way!

The first single from the album "War Inside" was released in April this year.

The album called "On Display" showcases the band's entire arsenal of tools - from mowing punk to sweet and caressing rock, with lyrics that are not afraid to touch the really painful places and still come out optimistic from the whole story.

This album has everything that should be in punk rock and even what's a bit around, cool riffs that catch you fast, melodic vocals that are fun to rave with, and drums that hit you like you hit the floor to the sounds of music.

An album that is one big fun !!!

Listen to the album on: Spotify, Apple Music

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