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The Beatles - Holds Top 5 Bilbord 100

A Sneak Peek...

And today, about the day "The Beatles" held all top five spots on the US charts.

On April 4, 1964, a wonderful thing happened in the history of music. "The Beatles" dominated the American Billboard 100, holding all of its top five spots.

It happened when the song "Can't Buy Me Love" jumped from the 27th place, where it spent its first week in the chart, straight to first place. It took the top from "She Loves You", which held the first place in the previous weeks and on that magical day was pushed down to the third place.

It is interesting to noteת that "She Loves You" also pushed the song "I Want to Hold Your Hand", which held the first place and on that miraculous day was pushed down to the fourth place, making "The Beatles" the first band on the Billboard's history to have on four consecutive weeks three different songs on the top spot.

But it does not end there, because beyond the five songs that dominated the top of the chart, "The Beatles" had another 7 songs on the Billboard 100. Do you get it? that same week 12 songs from the Fab-Four were on the Billboard 100, do you realize the magnitude of the achievement???

And if that's not enough to understand how awesome this band was, then in the following week, on April 11, 1964, two more" Beatles" songs will join the chart - "There's a Place" and "Love Me Do" - making them the first band to chart 14 songs on the Billboard 100.

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