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Sheryl Crow

She has been a regular candidate/winner in a number of consecutive Grammy Awards.

She is a very talented athlete.

And she no longer believes in albums.

1. Her full name is Sheryl Suzanne Crow and she was born on February 11, 1962 in Kennett, Missouri, USA.

2. She was a talented athlete and competed in the 75m hurdles in the All-State Track Athlete team.

3. She attended the University of Missouri at Columbia and graduated with a degree in music arts.

4. Her first band was Cashmere in which she was a member during her university studies.

5. Upon graduation she began working as a music teacher at Kellison Elementary School.

6. At that time she knew the producer Jay Oliver with whom she recorded radio commercials for various companies including: McDonalds and Toyota.

7. From 1987-1991 she was the backing singer of Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Belinda Carlisle, Tina Turner, Stevie Knicks and Bob Dylan.

8. During that time she also participated in the soundtracks of movies and TV series like: Cop Rock, Bright Angel, Stone Cold and Point Break.

9. In 1992, Cheryl planned to release her first album, but since she felt he was too "produced" and not rough, she and her record company decided not to release the album. Songs from the album leaked and reached a number of record companies as various artists recorded her songs such as: Celine Dion, Tina Turner and Wynonna Judd.

10. In 1993, Cheryl joined a band called Tuesday Music Club in which all members took part in writing and creating. Over time as they worked together they became Cheryl's backing band that slowly moved to the center.

11. In August 1993, Cheryl released her debut album "Tuesday Night Music Club", in the context of the name of the band with whom she wrote and recorded the album.

12. At first the album was short of success and was quite weak in sales, until the third single from the album "All I Wanna Do" came out which in an instant became a hysterical hit and gave Cheryl a win of three Grammy Awards in 1995 Record of the Year, Best New Artist and Best Female Vocal Performance.

13. In 1996, Cheryl released her second album, which bears her name, which she produced herself and played on most of the instruments. The album touched on a large number of genres such as: rock, blues, country and folk. Here too there was a single that brought insane success to the album, "If It Makes You Happy" and once again it gave Cheryl two Grammy Awards that year for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance and Best Rock Album.

14. The album was confiscated by the big retail chain Walmart because the song "Love Is a Good Thing" has a line that says Walmart sells guns to children.

15. In 1997, Cheryl recorded the theme song for the James Bond movie "Tomorrow Never Dies."

16. In 1998 she participated in Scott Weiland's (Stone Temple Pilots) debut album playing the accordion.

17. That same year she released her third album "The Globe Sessions", which also earned her two Grammy Awards for 1999, Best Rock Album and Best Engineered Non-Classical Album. In 2001 she won another Grammy for the song "There Goes the Neighborhood".

18. She started her acting career in 1999 in the movie "The Minus Man" and from there she went on to star in a number of TV series and movies like: NCIS, Cougar Town, Cars, Fairway to Heaven and more.

19. In 2002 she released her fourth album "C'mon, C'mon". The album was dedicated to her ex-partner actor Owen Wilson which also became tremendous success due to the single "Soak Up the Sun". This album had more poppy influences than the rock and folk that appeared on previous albums and this time too Cheryl goes to the Grammys and wins the Female Rock Vocal Performance Award with the second single from the album "Steve McQueen".

20. In 2003 she released a hit album called "The Very Best of Sheryl Crow".

21. In 2005 she released her fifth album "Wildflower". This time the Grammy was not taken, she was indeed nominated for two awards but even though the album came in 2nd place on Billboard it did not win her any award and it was less commercially successful than the previous albums. But... a re-recording of the second single from the album "Always on Your Side" with the singer Sting... was nominated again... but again without winning.

22. In 2008 she released her sixth album "Detours" which although it was going back to her rock roots, it was less successful than the previous ones and gave her one Grammy nomination for Best Pop Vocal Album. Cheryl's son participates in the album "Lullaby for Wyatt".

23. That same year Cheryl together with the clothing company Western Glove Works launched its own jeans brand called "Bootheel Trading Company".

24. That same year she released her seventh album, which is a special Christmas album called "Home for Christmas".

25. In 2010 she released her eighth album "100 Miles from Memphis", which is Cheryl's first album not nominated for a Grammy. On this album she collaborates with artists like: Keith Richards, Justin Timberlake and Citizen Cope as she goes more towards the R&B and solo music of Memphis.

26. In 2013 she releases her ninth album "Feels like Home", which is her first album not issued by the record label A&M but under the record label Warner Bros. This is her first Country style album, she said that the move to Nashville (the place of country music) and the connection to the community greatly influenced her music as the name of the album implies.

27. Four years later she released her tenth album "Be Myself" in which she returned to the rock style that characterized her more at the beginning of her career even though there were critics who saw it more as a pop album.

28. In 2020 Cheryl released her latest album “Threads” which will probably be her last full album, as she is interested in concentrating more on singles than on an entire album. This album, like the previous two, was recorded in the private studio on her farm in Nashville. The album features many artists who have been a part of Cheryl's musical history such as: Stevie Nicks, Maren Morris, Chris Stapleton, Eric Clapton, Sting Brandi Carlile, Johnny Cash and many others. Cheryl said she is comfortable with the fact that this is her latest album which is really a summary of her entire musical career.

29. Although she is very jealous of her privacy Cheryl had very well-publicized and famous relationships. There are rumors that she and Eric Clapton were in a relationship in the late 90s, actor Owen Willson was her partner and in 2003 she was in a very mediated relationship with cyclist Lance Armstrong who broke up three years later.

30. In 2006 she underwent surgery to remove a breast cancer tumor after which she underwent long weeks of chemotherapy. In 2010 she set up a center for the early detection of breast cancer called the Sheryl Crow Imaging Center together with her surgeon Kristi Funk.

31. In 2011 Cheryl was diagnosed with a brain tumor called "Meningioma" which is a common tumor that is not harmful as long as its size is reasonable and does not affect the brain, it is under constant surveillance.

32. She adopted two sons, one in 2007 Wyatt and the other in 2010 Levi

33. Although musically it is in the interest of bands like: Smashing Pumpkins, Beck, Hole, REM it has always been defined as pop or mainstream.

34. She performed at the Woodstock Festival in 1994 and 1999.

35. Cheryl is a social and political activist, does not refrain from expressing her support (for Obama) or her opposition (Bush) to political activists and has taken an active part in numerous charity events and donations in the field of health and society.

36. Cheryl performed in Israel at the pick of her career in 1995 at the Blues Festival in Haifa.

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