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Shawn "Clown" Crahan

You think he's a clown but it just looks like it on the outside, Shawn Crahan from "Slipknot" was born on September 24, 1969, so we brought you some interesting facts ...

1. He formed the band "Slipknot" in 1995 together with bassist Paul Gray

2. He is the creative mind and media manager of the band

3. Among other things, he directs all the band's music videos, visuals and design productions

4. Beyond that he also hits beer cans and participates in background vocals

5. His number in the band is "6"

6. Beyond the band's music videos, he directed his first full-length film in 2016 called "Officer Downe", which is based on comics. He also directed "Motionless in White's" "A-M-E-R-I-C-A" and "Hollywood Undead" "We Are" music videos

7. In his youth he was very fond of King Kong, he had a poster in his room even in his adult life. His mother, who used to go to "Slipknot" shows before they became a monster, would call her son "Sliver Back Gorilla" because of the way he would play the drums and rave on stage. On one of his birthdays, she even bought him a model of the gorilla made of crystal.

8. In "Slipknot's" first shows Shawn used to bring a cow's head to the stage

9. Shawn is the one who came up with the idea for the band's masks. The mask associated with him is the clown mask and the mask with which he has appeared since 1999 has been in his possession since he was 14. The mask has a very big and strong meaning that Shawn does not reveal.

10. The band's fans are known as "Maggots", Shawn is the one who gave them this nickname. He was inspired by a video he shot of a dear being eaten by insects. The way the insects ate the dear looked to him as a "mosh-pit".

11. He founded a record company called Big Orange Clown Records but it did not really take off and to this day he has represented only one band called "Gizmachi".

12. In 2007 he formed another band called "Dirty Little Rabbits" and took on the role of drummer. The band released one album that year and two EPs two years later

13. In 2019 his 22-year-old daughter, Gabrielle, passed away due to an overdose of drugs

14. In 2020 his son Simon Crahan formed the band "Vended" together with Griffin Taylor, Corey Taylor's son.

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