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Roger Daltrey

He is without a doubt one of the most important and influential singers in Rock music. He is one of the founders of "The Who", but he also has a long-time solo career.

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Here are some interesting facts about singer, producer, and actor Roger Daltrey:

1. He was born on March 1, 1944, in the Shepherd's Bush neighborhood of London. His full name is Roger Harry Daltrey.

2. He grew up next door to guitarist Pete Townshend and bassist John Entwistle, who also studied with him at the same school.

3. Daltrey was an outstanding student at the school and was even admitted to a prestigious high school. Despite this, he decided not to pursue academic studies. He was expelled from school after being caught smoking cigarettes.

4. Daltrey built his first guitar in 1957, alone, from wood parts. It was an imitation of the Fender Stratocaster.

5. In addition to playing the guitar, Daltrey also knows how to play the harmonica and flute.

6. In 1959 he joined the Skiffle group "The Detours". He served there as their lead singer and guitarist. He later also asked bassist John Entwistle to join the band.

(Photo: RB/Redferns)

7. After John Entwistle joined the band, Daltrey did his best to get Pete Townshend to join it too.

8. In 1963 Daltrey who was the band leader, fired all its members except John Entwistle. He added Pete Townshend as a guitarist while giving up on guitar playing and switching only to singing.

9. Later Keith Moon joined the band as a drummer and in 1964 the band changed its name to "The Who".

10. Beginning in 1965 Pete Townshend began to stand out in writing material for the band and took the lead from Daltrey, who until then was considered the band leader.

11. Together with "The Who" Daltrey has released 12 studio albums, including masterpieces such as: "Tommy", "Who's Next", "Quadrophenia" and more.

12. "The Who" is one of the most influential bands in Rock music, which has sold over 100 million albums worldwide.

13. During his membership in "The Who", he has proven to be a huge performer. From the stuttering in the song "My Generation" or a scream at the end of the song "Won't Get Fooled Again" to the energetic stage performance and the iconic microphone cable twisting.

14. In 1973 Daltrey began his solo career with the album "Daltrey".Since then he has released 10 studio albums as a solo artist.

15. In 1984, Daltrey appeared on the theme song of Meat Loaf's fourth album, "Bad Attitude." The two shared vocals.

16. In 1990 he entered the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" as a member of "The Who".

17. In 1992 he performed in the Tribute Show in memory of Freddie Mercury with the song "I Want It All".

18. In 2003 he was a guest on the song "Taking the Music Back", taken from the album "We've Come for You All" by "Anthrax".

19. In 2004 he was appointed an officer of the Order of the British Empire.

20. In 2006 he wrote the song "Highbury Highs", as a tribute to the "Highbury" stadium, of the "Arsenal" Soccer team. He performed the song after the last game played in the stadium.

21. Daltrey is also a film actor who has starred in about 30 feature films.

22. He also starred in quite a few series, including the science fiction series "Sliders" where he played Col. Angus Rickman, and the series "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" where he played one of Superman's enemies.

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