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Richey Edwards Disappearance

A Sneak Peek....

And this time about guitarist Richey Edwards and the most mysterious disappearance in the music world.

(Photo: Krause, Johansen/Sony Music Archive)


"Manic Street Preachers" is asking for the help of the music-loving public, in their search for a missing person named Richard James Edwards, who was last seen on February 1, 1995. Anyone who knows anything about his whereabouts is asked to contact James Dean Bradfield.

So Richey Edwards was the guitarist of the "Manic Street Preachers". The music world foresaw a promising future.

On 1 February 1995, at 07:00 in the morningת he left the hotel where he was staying in London, leaving his suitcase closed and packed behind. Sixteen days later, his car was found on Severn Bridge outside Bristol, England. Due to the proximity to the bridge, the hypothesis was that he had committed suicide. Despite feverish searches for him, Edwards was never found and in November 2008 was officially declared dead.

Edwards disappeared on the very day he was scheduled to fly to the United States with James Dean Bradfield, to promote the band's third album "The Holy Bible", which was released in August 1994.

A police investigation revealed that two weeks before his disappearance, Edwards made sure to withdraw £ 200 from the ATM machines, every day, and by the day of his disappearance he had already withdrawn a cumulative amount of £ 2,800 in cash. Examination of the vehicle revealed that Edwards lived in it for several days. There was evidence of a taxi driver, a fan of the band who allegedly saw him in the period between his disappearance and the day his vehicle was found.

In 2019, a book written with the help of Richey's sister, called "Withdrawn Traces - Searching for the truth about Richey", was published. The book claims that Richey directed his death and that he actually lives in Israel, so you may well have come across him. So if you have seen, or heard anything, please report it.

It is interesting to note that the excellent album "Everything Must Go" by "Manic Street Teachers", released over a year after the disappearance, includes songs written in collaboration with Edwards and also one track in which he participates.

The band's ninth album - "Journal for Plague Lovers"- was released in 2009 and is also based entirely on songs whose lyrics were written by Edwards.

Another interesting fact is that Edwards, born on December 22, 1967, disappeared when he was 27. If the suicide theory is correct, it means that he is part of the dubious "27 Club".

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