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R.E.M. - Radio Free Europe

A Sneak Peek...

And this time... about the first time "R.E.M." Entered the studio.

On February 8, 1981, singer Michael Stipe, guitarist Peter Buck, drummer Bill Berry and bassist Mike Mills entered the recording studio for the first time. It happened at the "Bombay" studio in Smyrna, Georgia, USA, and the goal was to record their first single that would start their wonderful career: "Radio Free Europe".

Three songs will be recorded during the sessions: "Gardening At Night", "Radio Free Europe" and "(Don't Go Back To) Rockville", with "Radio Free Europe" being released as the band's first single and gaining local success on student radio stations. In the area.


This local success will attract the attention of the "I.R.S. Records" company, which will sign the band on a recording contract, under which the band will release their first EP "Chronic Town", in 1982.

Later, in 1983, the band released their debut album "Murmur", which was praised by critics and even won a "Rolling Stone" Magazine Critics' Album of the Year album, bypassing Michael Jackson's "Thriller".

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