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Phil Anselmo

Congratulations to one of the biggest voices in metal Phil Anselmo, who where born on June 30, 1968 and celebrating his birthday today.

(Photo: Ollie Millington)

So true, the man has a big mouth and did a lot of nonsense, but one must admit that if it weren't for "Pantera" and Anselmo, the metal world would probably still be stuck deep in glam metal and we would have lost all the good that this band brought.

Anselmo is also a member of the supergroup "Down", the band "Superjoint Ritual", and he is a part of quite a few projects and collaborations, among them (only a partial list): guest artist on the album "Volume 8: The Threat Is Real" by "Anthrax", on the album "Uncivilization" Of "Biohazard", the song "Dying Song" by the supergroup "Metal Allegiance" and Tony Iommi's solo album from 2000, "Iommi".

Anselmo co-wrote and recorded with Tony Iommi 3 songs for an album that was thought to be released as a joint project, the first "Time is Mine", was included in Iommi's solo album. The second, "Inversion Of The Saviors", did not enter the album, but a recording of it can be found on the net. And the third is an unknown song that fans hope will one day pop up as a bonus track on Iommi or Anselmo's albums.

By the way, Anselmo and Tony Iommi were supposed to release an entire album together, however, due to other commitments of the two, it did not happen in the end and Iommi was left with a solo album featuring various singers.

Anselmo is not only a talented singer, he also serves as a guitarist in the band "Arson Anthem" and in the American death metal band "Necrophagia", under the pseudonym Anton Crowley.

Moreover, in the band "Viking Crown" Anselmo (again under the pseudonym Anton Crowley) served as guitarist, bassist, drummer, and a singer.

Anselmo also had a solo career as part of the band "Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals" with whom he released two albums, the latest "Choosing Mental Illness as a Virtue" was released in 2018.

Feel free to click on the link for the latest album he released as part of his solo career Here:

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