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Pearl Jam First Gig & MTV Unplugged Reissue

On October 22, 1990, "Pearl Jam" made its debut live show, then still under the name "Mookie Blaylock".

(Photo: Karen Mason Blair)

The first performance of "Mookie Blaylock" was held at the "Off Ramp Cafe" in Seattle in front of 300 people.

By the way, their first round of performances was performed by "Mookie Blaylock" as a warm-up band for another Seattle band called "Alice In Chains". Alice took them under their wing and promoted them during the tour.

The short stylist included the songs "Even Flow (Sound Check)", "Release", "Alone", "Alive", "Once", "Even Flow", "Black", "Breath", "Girl".

This historic moment is captured on camera and anyone who listens and watches will learn that the songs are performed in different and slower versions than those familiar to us from the band's debut album "Ten", while the songs "Release", "Once" and "Black" include different lyrics from the album versions.

To mark the band's 30th anniversary in 2020, "Pearl Jam" released, for the first time, its "MTV Unplugged" appearance for streaming services.

The show was held in New York on March 16, 1992, during which the band performed acoustic versions of seven songs. Six from the debut album "Ten" and the song "State Of Love And Trust" are included in the soundtrack of the movie "Singles". The album was never officially released. In 2019 a small number of copies were printed in a limited edition vinyl, and in 2020 the band put out another limited edition vinyl which also sold out very quickly.

On the occasion of the band's 30th anniversary celebrations, the album first became available on all streaming platforms as well as in a CD version.

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