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Korn - Untouchables

On June 11, 2002, "Korn" released their fifth album "Untouchables". Here are 20 interesting facts about it:

1. The band began writing the album in 2001. During this time the tension between the band members was at its peak, and in an effort to reduce it the band moved to Arizona, hoping that the new landscape would inspire them in writing the new songs.

2. The band members stated that in this album they tried to revive the nu-metal genre, which they saw as "lifeless".

3. Singer Jonathan Davis said the songs on the album dealt with issues like being an outcast and getting sick of being a victim.

4. This is the band's most expensive album to produce, it cost around $ 4 million.

5. Producer Michael Beinhorn noted that it was very difficult for him to keep the band members in focus. He said "Korn" was the band with the most ADHD he worked with during his career.

6. Bassist Fieldy was drunk throughout the recording of the album. He testified that he drank every night and would vomit his soul before arriving at the studio.

7. He held lavish parties every evening at his house and made the guests sign a "waiver" which removes any liability from him in case of damage to any of his guests. The band members later testified that they were considering firing Fieldy from the band at the time, given his alcohol and drug problems.

8. In 2018, Jonathan Davis revealed that this is his "Korn" favorite album, although he has previously stated that the band's debut album is his favorite of all.

9. This is the first album recorded in a 96kHz digital sound.

10. The album went straight into second place on the Billboard 200, with sales of 434,000 copies in its first week.

11. This is the band's first album that only comes in second place on the billboard 200, after "Follow The Leader" and "Issues" that came in #1.

12. The album that prevented "Korn" from the first place, was "The Eminem Show" by Eminem.

13. An unfinished version of the album appeared on file-sharing sites, three months before its release date. The members of "Korn" hung the relatively low sales of the album (compared to the previous albums), on the album leak.

14. The "leaked" version had a different track order, and almost all of the songs were given different names. Some fans claimed that the "leaked" version was better than the official one.

15. The day before the album was released, the band performed at the "Hammerstein Hall" in New York. The show aired digitally in theaters across the United States.

16. The clip for the song "Alone I Break" was directed by the winner of a reality contest on MTV. The band has collaborated with MTV to select the lucky producer to direct the video. 25-year-old winner Sean Dack directed the quirky idea in which Jonathan Davis kills his bandmates.

17. "Here to Stay", which was released as the first single from the album, won "Korn" a Grammy Award for "Best Metal Performance".

18. "Thoughtless" released as the second single from the album, was written by Jonathan Davis from the point of view of the shooters at Columbine School. Davis presents the feelings of rage and isolation that lead the killers to commit such a heinous act and he did so with the aim of shocking.

19. A cover version of the song appears on "Evanescence's" "Anywhere But Home" album.

20. This version is the subject of a lawsuit from the parents of a 12-year-old girl - Melanie Skins, from Brownville, Maryland, who bought the album and were shocked when they played it in their car while driving.

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