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Kiss: Animalize Live Uncensored

A Sneak Peek...

We do not write much about video performances, but this one makes us nostalgic.

On April 19, 1985, the videotape "Kiss: Animalize Live Uncensored" was released.

To tell the truth, while we purchased the tape in the mid-1980s the show simply mentioned: "Kiss: Animalize Live", without the word "Uncensored" added to it over time, probably due to pressure from censorship organizations. Why do you even need censorship for a rock band videotape? Ahhh ... because someone up there thought the street language of the band members, especially Paul Stanley's and his visual descriptions, was corrupting American youth. So if you want to understand what requires censorship of a rock show, feel free to watch the show starting at 1:03:30 to understand what all the "fuss" is all about.

But enough about censorship, and let's address the music itself.

This special show was held at Cobo Hall in Detroit, Michigan on December 8, 1984, during a world tour to promote the album "Animalize".

And why is this show so special to us?

First, the show features one of the most diverse sets the band has played to date, which included the band's greatest songs from 7 different albums. A kind of "greatest hits" live.

Second, this show is full of exploding energy. Well, that's not strange to "Kiss", but we think it's very noticeable here. Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Bob, and Eric are all at their peak, they are crazy, they love what they do, they enjoy it and you can see it well.

Third, the show was filmed the same day that guitarist Bruce Kulick was announced as an official member of the band, replacing Mark St. John who was in the band for only 7 months (from April to November 1984), and managed to make only 2 appearances with "Kiss" before he had to retire due to the arthritis from which he suffered.

Fourth, for us, it was the first opportunity to watch the band's performance without makeup, as this is the band's first official video from the unmasked period.

And fifth, Eric Carr !!! It was the first time we saw him in a live official recording and we just fell in love with this all-too-talented drummer, who sadly passed away just a few years later, the same day Freddie Mercury passed away.

It is interesting to note that this show was filmed for MTV and was also broadcast live on several US radio stations.

Now go and watch it...

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