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John Deacon

Today is John Deacon's birthday!!!


Here are Some interesting facts about "Queen"'s bass player:

1. John's first job was distributing newspapers.

2. On "Queen"'s debut album his name was written as "Deacon John". It was an idea of drummer Roger Taylor who thought it would sound more interesting and Deacon agreed.

3. In addition to his involvement in writing and performing the songs John was also involved in the financial management of "Queen". Rumor has it that he continues to be involved in Queen's business side even today.

4. For most of his years with "Queen" John played "Fender Precision Bass".

5. Before joining the band he studied electronics at Chelsea College London.

6. John is known as an avid fan of fried peanuts.

7. In 1972 he created the amplifier "Deaky Amp" which Brian May used throughout His career in "Queen". The amplifier got its name from the nickname that John had among the band members "Deaky".

8. The death of Freddie Mercury greatly affected him and in 1997 he finally retired from the music business and did not continue with "Queen" like Brian May and Roger Taylor.

9. His last appearance as a full member of the band "Queen" was during the Freddie Mercury Tribute Show held on April 20, 1992.

10. John has written at least one song in every band album since the third and is responsible for creating quite a few hits like: "Misfire", "You're My Best Friend", "Another One Bites The Dust", "I Want to Break Free" and many more good ones.

11. He wrote the song "You're My Best Friend" for his wife Veronica Tetzlaff. In the song, he plays on an electric piano which he learned to play right before he wrote the song.

12. At "Queen's" shows John had a small bar hidden behind his amplifier which contained a variety of wines, beers, and soft drinks.

13. In 2013 a new strain of dragonfly was discovered in Brazil and the name given to it is "Heteragrion johndeaconi" after John.

14. The only thing John wanted to hear on his monitor at Queen's shows was Roger Taylor's snare drum and hi-hat.

15. In 1985 he bought a Porsche, had an accident with it, and lost his driver's license.

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