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Jerry Cantrell - Atone

Friday Release # 104

Guitarist and singer Jerry Cantrell returns with his first single in almost 20 years !!! And this is a beautiful and exciting song ...

On January 24, 2020, Cantrell announced that he was working on a new solo album, his third in number and the first since his double album "Degradation Trip Volumes 1 & 2" released in 2002.

He started recording the album on March 10, 2020 and almost a year later, on March 4, 2021, he announced through his Instagram page that the recording of the album was complete. The album was recorded with the help of guest artists such as Puciato, Gil Sharone, Duff McKagan, Abe Laboriel, Jr., Michael Rozon, Vincent Jones, Jordan Lewis, Lola Bates, and Matias Ambrogi-Torres.

The new single called "Atone" is the one that opens Cantrell's third solo album called "Brighten" that will be released on October 29, 2021.

The song "Atone" is accompanied by a video clip that Cantrell himself helped direct and in which you can see the members of the band playing with him, including bassist Duff McKagan. Cantrell played in an EP called "How to Be a Man" released by McKagan in 2015 and McKagan apparently found a way to return the favor when he was featured on the album.

The album, which will be released at the end of October, will include the song "Goodbye" by Elton John, taken from his album "Madman Across the Water" which is one of Jerry's favorite albums. Elton John hada guest appearance playing piano on the song "Black Gives Way to Blue" by "Alice In Chains" which Cantrell wrote in memory of Layne Staley. Out of respect for Elton, Cantrell approached him and asked if it was okay to include the cover version on the album. Elton listened to the performance and gave Jerry the stamp Jerry needed.

Song list:

1. “Atone”

2. “Brighten”

3. “Prism of Doubt”

4. “Black Hearts and Evil Done”

5. “Siren Song”

6. “Had To Know”

7. “Nobody Breaks You”

8. “Dismembered”

9. “Goodbye”

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