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Jason Becker

Guitarist Jason Becker is celebrating his birthday today.

Let's tell you a little bit about the guitarist who could have conquered the world if not for the ALS disease he was diagnosed with.


He was born in Richmond California on July 22, 1969, as Jason Eli Becker.

He was exposed to guitar at a very young age because both his father and uncle were guitarists, and he immediately became a child prodigy with an amazing talent for playing guitar.

Back in high school he performed with his band in a young talent contest and performed pieces by Yngwie Malmsteen.

The following home video shows an example of the abilities of a 16-year-old prodigy.

At that time he met another amazing guitarist named Marty Friedman. In 1986, when Jason was only 17, the two formed the band "Cacophony", with whom they released two studio albums "Speed ​​Metal Symphony" (1987) and "Go Off!" (1988), in which they presented their incredible playing abilities.

In 1988, Jason and Marty released solo albums at the same time. Jason his first solo album "Perpetual Burn" and Marty Friedman with his "Dragon's Kiss".

In 1989, Marty Friedman left the band and joined "Megadeth", while Jason followed in the footsteps of two other guitar giants, Eddie Van Halen and Steve Vai, and began collaborating with David Lee Roth. He co-wrote and recorded with Roth his third solo album "A Little Ain't Enough" and was ready to conquer the world as an amazing guitar star, but just then, following a routine examination due to excruciating pain in his leg, he was diagnosed with ALS when doctors predicted his life expectancy of maximum five years.


However, against all odds, Becker continues to create music until recently, despite the loss of his ability to play the guitar, walk, talk and breathe on his own.

Jason may have lost the ability to play the guitar, but he did not lose his desire to live and create music. He continues to write and create as he communicates through a series of eye movements. With a system developed by his father, Jason spells words as well as notes and chords. The music he writes in this amazing process, is performed by top world guitarists, including Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Neal Schon, Steve Morse, Paul Gilbert, Joe Bonamassa, and others.

In 2012, a documentary about Becker's life called "Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet", was released.

(Photo: Ross Pelton)

Jason's latest album is called "Triumphant Hearts" and it was released in 2018, but we definitely expect that with his amazing fighting spirit he will issue more amazing albums.

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