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Helloween - Helloween

The album "Helloween" is the sixteenth studio album by the German power metal band "Helloween", released on June 18, 2021.

This album is the first to come out with the band "Pumpkins United" lineup, which marked the return of original member Kai Hansen on guitars and vocals and Michael Kiske on vocals in 2016, in addition to a five-member band that has been active since 2005. He is the first to feature Hansen since "Keeper of the Seven Keys: Part II "and the first with Michael Kiske since "Chameleon" released in 1993.

This album was released six years after its predecessor "My God-given Right" (the longest gap between two albums from the band), the album is also the first to feature more than one singer, such as Hansen, Kiska, and Andy Dries, who all appeared as soloists on previous albums, and now share leading vocal roles.

It all started with the announcement of a world tour in 2016. The media got excited, the fans were ecstatic. It was not just a reunion of the band, it was a lineup that included seven iconic band members: Andi Deris, Michael Kiske, Michael Weikath, Kai Hanse, Markus Grosskopf, Sascha Gerstner, and Daniel Loeble.

It was a dream come true for fans around the world and everyone had one wish: "Stay together!".

The band made those fans' dreams come true with the first single released on April 2, 2021, called "Skyfall". An epic work was written by Kai Hansen and whose album version is at 12 minutes. The piece tells of an alien landing on Earth and a dramatic chase accompanied by a breathtaking clip which is without a doubt the most complex and invested clip in the band's history, which also includes 3D animation.

By the way, as part of the buzz surrounding the big comeback, the members decided to produce the album right in the same studio in Hamburg where "Master Of The Rings", "The Time Of The Oath" and "Better Than Raw" were recorded, with a completely analog recording technology that is also A kind of "back to the roots".

The return to the roots can already be felt in the opening song "Out For The Glory" - a pure classic "Helloween" song, a complex epic and dynamic piece, with frequent rhythm changes, full of thunderous drums, sawing guitars, and chilling vocals.

The quiet opening to the second and excellent song "Fear Of The Fallen" is perhaps a little misleading, because it's a crazy energy bomb that nicely continues the momentum. Andy Dries' delicate intro vocals quickly lead to another quick slice of glorious power metal. The guitar work in this song is just "electrifying", the vocals take off and the harmonies between Dries and Kiske are just amazing as the driving force behind it all is the rhythm division of Grosskopf and Leobele.

Before the end, we will mention the "Israeli connection" which refers to the artist Eliran Kantor who is responsible for the amazing cover of the album.

The album includes 12 excerpts over 65 minutes, and in special versions, there are also bonus tracks.


  1. Out For The Glory

  2. Fear Of The Fallen

  3. Best Time

  4. Mass Pollution

  5. Angels

  6. Rise Without Chains

  7. Indestructible

  8. Robot King

  9. Cyanide

  10. Down In The Dumps

  11. Orbit

  12. Skyfall

Digibook & Vinyl version: 01. Golden Times 02. Save My Hide

Earbook version: 01. Golden Times 02. Save My Hide 03. Pumpkins United


Michael Kiske – Vocals

Andi Deris – Vocals

Kai Hansen – Guitar and Vocals

Michael Weikath – Guitar

Sascha Gerstner – Guitar

Markus Grosskopf – Bass

Daniel Loeble – Drums

For Listening: Spotify, Apple Music

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