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Extreme - Extreme II: Pornograffitti

The album "Extreme II: Pornograffitti", the second by "Extreme", was released on August 7, 1990.

Here are 20 facts about the album that almost half of the songs on it were released as successful singles:

1. The album also has another name or actually a subtitle - "A Funked Up Fairy Tale".

2. It's a kind of concept album in which all the songs in one way or another relate to issues of sex, money, and luxury in American culture.

3. The album is accompanied by the imaginary character called Francis who occasionally pops up in the songs. For example, listen to the voice of background singer Barbara Glynn who calls him and warns him "Be Careful", starting at 0:40 from the beginning of the album with the sound of the pouring rain in the background.

4. In the song "Money (in God We Trust)" you can hear the background vocalist say, to Francis at the beginning of the song "Don't Forget to put your tooth under the pillow".

5. The album includes 12 songs, 5 of which were released as singles, the first "Decadence Dance" in 1990, and the last "Song For Love" in 1992.

6. Of the five singles released, "More Than Words" and "Hole Hearted" are the only ones to reach number one on Billboard.

7. The album combines several music styles, hard rock, heavy metal, funk metal, glam, and folk.

8. "Hole Hearted" did not appear in the vinyl version of the album, it appears as song number 13 in the CD version only.

9. Contrary to popular belief "Hole Hearted" does not refer to the relationship between him and her, but to the relationship between the writer and God.

10. "More Than Words" was written by guitarist Nuno Bettencourt while sitting on the porch with the guitar. He noted that it just happened and he wrote it all down on the spot. He played it to singer Gary Cherone who wrote the romantic lyrics.

11. The song "Li'l Jack Horny" took its name from the brass band that plays in it, called "Li'l Jack Horn Section".

12. The brass band is also a guest on the song "Get the Funk Out".

13. Canadian singer and multi-instrumentalist Pat Travers are also featured in the song "Get the Funk Out".

14. Another guest on the album is Dweezil Zappa, the son of .. who plays the guitar melody in the intro and outro of the song "He-Man Woman Hater".

15. This excerpt includes a solo overture that corresponds with the composition of "Flight of the Bumblebee" by composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.

16. Following Nuno's crazy playing on this album, he was named "Guitar World" Magazine's "Most Valuable Player" in 1991.

17. He was also voted "Best New Talent" by the magazine readers that year.

18. It is the band's best-selling and most successful album and it has earned double platinum status.

19 The album was produced by Michael Wagener, who was the original guitarist of the German heavy metal band "Accept" and produced, mixed, and was the recording technician on the hard rock and heavy metal albums of many bands and artists such as Alice Cooper, "Skid Row", "Mötley Crüe", "W.A.S.P.", "Poison", "Keel", "Megadeth", Ozzy Osbourne, "Dokken", and even mixed "Metallica's" "Master Of Puppets" album.

20. At the same time, the songs "When I First Kissed You" and "Hole Hearted" was produced by the band's guitarist Nuno Bettencourt.

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