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Evanescence – The Bitter Truth

A Sneak Peek...

On March 26, 2021, "Evanescence" released their fifth album "The Bitter Truth".

After 10 years of silence, the band "Evanescence" led by Amy Lee as the only member remaining from what the band was but strengthened by new and creative talents, releases the fifth album.

It seems as if Amy needed these 10 years, she went through a process of growing up, although we feel that this is an understatement. She went from a girl, a rock star who is controlled by her success, to a leader, to a teenager, maybe you can even say a parent, who now has the reins in her hands and leads her own life. In this album, she shares her feelings and experiences on topics such as self-search, death, a crisis of trust, and loss.

The song "Far From Heaven", a piano ballad with Amy's powerful voice, explores Amy's feelings and beliefs and indirectly refers to the death of her brother Robbie which occurred three years earlier.

The theme song "Better Without You" is strong and powerful, very reminiscent of Adele's James Bond song "Skyfall" and also very similar to "Feeding The Dark".

Of course, there are songs here that are very reminiscent of the early albums such as "Wasted on You" and "The Game Is Over" that received a new power with electronics and keyboards.

This is definitely a strong and powerful album, feels like in video games when you press the magic combination, your warrior draws his power to the end and then explodes on the opponent. This is exactly how Evanescence explodes in our ears and soul!

In the album 12 songs, all of which were written by Amy, but most of them were arranged and composed together with the other members of the band, this is completely not a solo show, but a cohesive ensemble that has a powerful personality.

1. "Artifact/The Turn"

2. "Broken Pieces Shine"

3. "The Game Is Over"

4. "Yeah Right"

5. "Feeding the Dark"

6. "Wasted on You"

7. "Better Without You"

8. "Use My Voice"

9. "Take Cover"

10. "Far from Heaven"

11. "Part of Me"

12. "Blind Belief"

Listen to the album on Spotify, Apple Music

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