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Eddie Hazel

His roots are not in the "Rock", but he influenced artists from this genre.

Today we'll share with you some interesting facts about an undoubtedly talented guitarist called Eddie Hazel:

(Photo: "Games Dames And Guitar Thangs" Rhino 2004 CD release)

1. He was born on April 10, 1950, as Edward Earl Hazel in Brooklyn New York. He grew up in New Jersey because his mother wanted him to grow up in an environment free of crime and drugs.

2. From a very young age he began to sing in church and also play the guitar given to him as a Christmas present by his older brother.

3. At the age of 12 he met Billy "Bass" Nelson who would later collaborate with him for most of his career, including in the bands "Parliament" and "Funkadelic".

4. On the recommendation of Billy Nelson, Hazel joined George Clinton's touring band - "The Parliaments", in 1967.

5. During a performance by "The Parliaments" in Philadelphia, Hazel met Tiki Fulwood who will replace the drummer bands' drummer.

6. Eddie Hazel and Fulwood will form the basis of "Funkadelic", which served as the accompaniment band of "the Parliaments".

7. The move from "The Parliaments" to "Funkadelic" has been completed with the addition of rhythm guitarist Tawl Ross and keyboardist Bernie Worrell.

8. This was also accompanied by a music style change from Soul and Doo Wop towards a more Psychedelic direction combined with Funk, with influences from Jimi Hendrix on the one hand and "Sly Stone" on the other.

9. Eddie played both bands at the same time, "The Parliaments" had a lighter music approach, and "Funkadelic" had more complex and heavy music.

10. "Funkadelic" released their first album in 1970.

11. Eddie Hazel will be an integral part of "Funkadelic" also on the next two albums "Free Your Mind ... And Your Ass Will Follow" (1970) and "Maggot Brain" (1971).

12. "Maggot Brain" was a masterpiece that won rave reviews and also entered the list of the 500 greatest albums of all time, by "Rolling Stone" magazine and the list of "1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die".

13. Amazingly the opening song of the album and the theme song "Maggot Brain", has an amazing solo piece by Eddie Hazel, who came up with this chilling solo with the help of his bandmate George Clinton. George asked him to close his eyes and play the solo as if he was just been notified of his mother's death. Clinton later asked Hazel to play the latter part of the solo as if he had just been informed that his mother was alive, and thus this amazing masterpiece was created.

(Photo: Bruce W. Talamon)

14. This solo reached number 60 on "Rolling Stone" magazine's 100 greatest guitar solos of all time.

15. In 1971 Eddie and Nelson left the band following financial disagreements they had with Clinton.

16. Although he officially left the band, Eddie continued to contribute to "Funkadelic" on the next albums "Eats Its Young" (1972) and "Cosmic Slop" (1973).

17. In 1973, Nelson and Hazel began working with "The Temptations", appearing on the band's 1973 and 1975 albums.

18. In 1974, "Funkadelic" released "Standing on the Verge of Getting It On". Eddie Hazel will co-write all of the album's songs, with 6 of them receiving credit for Grace Cook - his mother's name.

19. In the same year, Hazel will participate in "The Parliaments" "Up For The Down Stroke" album.

20. That same year Hazel was convicted of assaulting a flight attendant and was sent to jail. During this time another guitarist was recruited to replace him in "Funkadelic" and "Parliament".

(Photo: IMDB)

21. After his release from prison, Hazel returned to work with the band but his contribution was minor, except for the song "Comin' Round the Mountain" from the 1976 album "Hardcore Jollies".

22. In 1977, Hazel released his first and only solo album "Game, Dames and Guitar Thangs", which featured his bandmates from "Funkadelic" and "Parliament".

23. Hazel passed away on December 23, 1992, due to liver failure and internal bleeding caused as a result.

24. At his funeral his masterful guitar piece "Maggot Brain" was played.

25. After his death the album "Rest in P" was released and included unreleased material by Hazel.

26. Following his death, Hazel was highly recognized and appreciated by several artists, including "Primal Scream" who included a picture of him on the cover of the album "Give Out But Don't Give Up" and John Frusciante who recorded the track "Before the Beginning" from his album "The Empyrean" as a tribute to Hazel's "Maggot Brain".

27. Hazel appears on "Rolling Stone" magazine's list of the 100 greatest guitar players of all time.

28. He influenced quite a few guitarists such as J. Mascis from "Dinosaur Jr.", Mike McCready from "Pearl Jam", and Lenny Kravitz.

And now you can enjoy a special playlist we made for you of Eddie Hazel's best moment: Click HERE.

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