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Dire Straits - On the Night

On May 10, 1993 "Dire Straits" released its second live album "On the Night".

"On the Night" captures the band's tour in support of their "On Every Street album", which included 216 shows in Europe, North America, and Australia, and sold 7.1 million tickets!!!

The album was recorded in May 1992 at "Les Arenes in Nîmes", France, and at "Feijenoord Stadion" in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

"On the Night" is a worthy follow-up to the band's previous live album, "Alchemy", which was released in 1984, although it does not reach the same level of that masterpiece live album.

The album mainly features the band's later hits, all performed live with the energy and enthusiasm that made "Dire Straits" one of the most popular live acts of the 80s and early 90s

The set conatains four tracks from the multi-million selling "Brothers in Arms" and another four songs from "On Every Street" including their latest songles “Calling Elvis” and “Heavy Fuel”. Only two songs from the album had been part of the "Alchemy" set, “Romeo and Juliet” and “Private Investigations”, but they both do not mach the classic versions, recorded 9 years earlier.

Overall, "On the Night" is a fantastic live album that captures the magic of" Dire Straits'" live shows. The band's tight musicianship, Mark Knopfler's distinctive vocals and guitar work, and the energy and enthusiasm of the crowd all contribute to a memorable listening experience. While "Alchemy" remains the definitive "Dire Straits" live album, "On the Night" is a worthy successor that showcases the band's continued excellence as a live act. Fans of the band and classic rock enthusiasts alike should definitely give this album a listen.

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