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dEUS - Worst Case Scenario

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And this time "Worst Case Scenario", the debut album of the Belgian band "dEUS" released on March 6, 1994.

The band "dEUS" was formed in Antwerp, Belgium in 1991, by singer and guitarist Tom Barman and keyboardist and violinist Klaas Janzoons.

In the beginning, the band played cover versions mainly of "Velvet Underground" and the "Pixies" songs, but over time began writing original songs in English that included a combination of several musical styles such as rock, alternative, jazz, and avant-garde.

This debut album is huge and highly recommended. It combines the simplicity of the grunge that dominated the dome at the time, along with the complexity and virtuosity of experimental rock and the result is simply stunning.

It is a blend of noises, distortions, and effects, mixed, with piano, violin, and percussion, changing and dynamic music that on the one hand knows how to calm and caress and on the other hand whip, you like a whip.

One of the most prominent examples of the album's unique style can be found in the song "Suds & Soda". An avant-garde section led by the monotonous violin playing of Klaas Janzoons, which was also released as a successful single.

Other recommended tracks are "Jigsaw You", "Let's Get Lost", "Via", "W.C.S (First Draft)" and more, which entered the pantheon of underground alternative rock of the 1990s.

By the way, the song "W.C.S" includes a beat from the "Little Umbrellas" section from Frank Zappa's Hot Rats album.

Immediately after the release of the album we got them here in Israel for an amazing show, we were there and it was amazing. A few years later they returned to visit here for more shows.

So click on Spotify or Apple Music and listen to this wonderful album.

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