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Dave Gahan

He is known for his unique stage presence and his deep baritone voice and he is one of the most charismatic performers in the music industry. Here are some facts about Dave Gahan:

(Photo: Paul Bergen)

1. Dave Gahan was born David Callcott on May 9, 1962, in Essex, England.

2. He grew up in a working-class family and attended Barstable School in Basildon.

3. Gahan has spoken openly about his difficult upbringing, including struggles with poverty and his mother's alcoholism.

4. As a teenager, Gahan started skipping school and got into trouble with the police for various offenses, including joyriding, graffiti, criminal damage, and theft.

5. He was eventually suspended from school and appeared in juvenile court multiple times for his behavior.

6. Gahan had a particular fascination with stealing cars, driving them, and setting them on fire, which he described as a way to experience a thrill.

7. Despite these challenges, Gahan found solace in music from a young age, and was a fan of bands like "T. Rex" and David Bowie.

8. He also became interested in punk rock and began dressing in leather jackets and sporting a spiky haircut.

9. At the age of 17, Gahan dropped out of school and began working in a clothing store in London. It was around this time that he met Martin Gore.

10. In 1980, Martin Gore invite him to join the band "Composition of Sound", which later changed its name to "Depeche Mode".

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11. "Depeche Mode" has sold over 100 million records worldwide, making them one of the most successful electronic acts of all time.

12. With "Depeche Mode", Gahan has released 15 studio albums, with their first, "Speak & Spell," released in 1981.

13. The band's second album, "A Broken Frame", was the first to be recorded without founding member Vince Clarke who had left and formed "Yazoo" with singer Alison Moyet.

14. "Depeche Mode's" 1984 album, "Some Great Reward", included the hit single "People Are People," which became their first chart-topping song in the US.

15. The band's 1986 album, "Black Celebration," showcased their growing experimentation with darker, more atmospheric sounds.

16. Depeche Mode's 1990 album, "Violator", was a massive commercial success, featuring hits like "Enjoy the Silence" and "Personal Jesus".

17. Gahan contributed significantly to the overall vibe of the 1993 album "Songs of Faith and Devotion". He moved to Los Angeles and had been spending time with bands such as "Jane's Addiction" and "Soundgarden", which inspired him to create a rock-oriented record, leading to creative differences with the rest of the band.

18. In 1997, "Depeche Mode" released "Ultra," their first album without longtime member Alan Wilder. The album featured Gahan's first co-written song with Martin Gore "Insight".

19. Gahan has also contributed a number of songs for the band next albums: "Playing the Angel" (2005), "Sounds of the Universe" (2009), "Delta Machine" (2013), "Spirit" (2017) and "Memento Mori" (2023).

20. Gahan has also released five solo albums (Three of them with the "Soulsavers"), including his 2003 debut "Paper Monsters", which showcased his powerful vocals and dynamic songwriting, received critical acclaim and demonstrated his versatility as a musician.

21. Gahan has collaborated with a variety of artists over the years, including "SixToes", "Goldfrapp", and "The Hour".

22. Gahan struggled with drug addiction throughout the 1990s, which led to him having 4 near-death experiences, which earned him the nickname "The Cat". During the one in 1996 his heart stopped for two minutes until he was revived by paramedics.

23. Gahan changed his name to David Gahan in 1993, legally.

24. He has been married three times and has a son named Jack from his first marriage to Joanne Fox.

25. In March 2015, Jack married Sigal Memis, a young Israeli woman from Nahariah, in Caesarea. Gahan was present at the wedding.

(Photo: Fanart.TV)

26. In addition to his work with "Depeche Mode", Gahan is also a dedicated philanthropist, supporting organizations like the "Teenage Cancer Trust" and the "Love Hope Strength Foundation".

27. Gahan Performed in Israel With "Depeche Mode" twice. May 10, 2009 in Ramat Gan Stadium, Tel Aviv and in August 3, 2013 at Hayarkon Park, Tel Aviv.

28. In 2020, "Depeche Mode" was inducted into the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame", solidifying their place in music history.

29. In 2021, Gahan contributed a cover of the "Metallica" song "Nothing Else Matters", to the charity tribute album "The Metallica Blacklist".

30. "Q" magazine ranked Dave Gahan at No. 73 on its list of the "100 Greatest Singers" and No. 27 on its list of the "100 Greatest Frontmen.

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