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Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon Milestone of 1,000 Weeks on Billboard

A Sneak Peek...

And this time, about one of the amazing events associated with the American Billboard charts.

On June 11, 2011 "Pink Floyd's" album "The Dark Side Of The Moon" entered the US Billboard charts.

The year 2011 you ask? Yes, this is amazing in itself, since as you know this album was released almost 40 years earlier in 1973.

It's not that this album has not previously entered the prestigious Billboard charts, it has happened several times over the years since its release, but this time the entry into the charts pointed a historical and hysterical figure.

The re-entry into Billboard in 2011 caused this album to cross a 1,000-week mark in which this album was on the charts in total.

True, these are not 1,000 consecutive weeks but think about this crazy figure. 1,000 weeks is almost 20 years!! It's so amazing we'll write this again. This amazing album has been on American Billboard for twenty years !!!

Ahhh ... and do not refer to the text in the picture is not up to date 😃😅😃

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