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Breaking Benjamin - Ember

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And this time, the album "Ember" the sixth by "Breaking Benjamin", was released on April 13, 2018.

This is a collaborative album of a band that has recently started working together, and this is also the first time the work is not solely under the direction of one person, but a team effort of the entire band.

After a long period of legal battles and personal health battles over a mysterious disease, Benjamin Burnley embarks on a new path with his royalties in his pocket and his head full of inspiration. He is forming a brand new band to record the band's fifth album "Dark Before Dawn". Burnley was the only one writing and putting the music together with the other band members just recorded their roles of each instrument on the album.

Only one song from the album, "Never Again", was written by all the band members together. The work on the song created collaboration and a fruitful and creative way of working between the members. Burnley who was tired of being a "lone wolf", felt that he had found what he was looking for. Working together with the other members on the song gave him the confidence that he has talented people with whom he can work and grow.

Let's be honest, this is an album with Burnley's fingerprint without a doubt, with the band's familiar sound all these years. But there is something special here, a little different and varied from the previous albums. It feels like this is an album made by the whole band, a mature album of a band that started its way only in the previous album.

The first single from the album was "Red Cold River" followed by "Torn In Two" followed by "Tourniquet" but the album has quite a few more powerful amazing songs like the deadly "Psyco", the heavy "Feed The Wolf" &"Down", the exciting "Close Your Eyes" that bounces !!

The album reached number three on the Billboard 200 and topped the singles chart with the song "Red Cold River".

You are welcome to listen to the album on Spotify, Apple Music

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