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Assaf Amdursky

He is tough, he is talented and he is a local multi-instrumentalist, please welcome Assaf Amdursky !!

(Photo: Assaf Amdursky/PR)

1. He is the son of the singer Benny Amdursky, he was born on January 30, 1971, grew up in Tel Aviv, and in 11th grade, he dropped out of school in order to focus on music.

2. He began his musical career in the late 1980s with the band "Escot Blend". Amdursky was the lead singer and guitarist alongside bassist Amir "Jango" Rossiano and drummer Jeremy Kaplan.

3. In 1991, the band released one album that bore its name and received good reviews and many radio plays. Amdursky wrote and composed most of the songs on the album along with Jango. After the release of the album they disbanded and the three members embarked on solo careers.

4. In 1994 Amdursky released his first solo album, which bore his name. The album had a rock sound with touches of jazz and electronic music. Prominent young Israeli musicians participated in the singing, playing, and writing of the album - Karni Postel, Zohar Fresco, Amir Zoref, Vered Klepter, Amir Rossiano, members of the band Noise, and more. Among the famous songs on the album were "My Dear", "New Love", and "Many Days".

5. In 1995 he released his second solo album, which was also named after him and was characterized by a uniform and calm sound and received good reviews. Among the standout songs on the album are "The Blue Sky," and "He Believed Her."

6. In 1999 he released his third solo album "Silent Engines". The album was more electronic than its predecessors and received good reviews as well as commercial success. Among the prominent songs on the album are "15 Minutes", "Softness and Difficulty", "In a Whirlpool" and "Dark Dream" which includes a recording of the voice of Inbal Perlmutter.

7. In the same year, the band "Kerah Tesha" recorded their last single called "Assaf Amdursky", which Amdursky used to include in his tour.

8. In 2003 he produced, arranged, and artistically directed the comeback album of singer Aric Sinai "We'll Love Until We Die".

9. In the same year, Amdursky published his versions of Shlomo Artzi's songs in the double collection "My Love Songs".

10. In 2005 Amdursky released the album "Forward Back". A double album in which he gives an up-to-date interpretation of Israeli songs he has loved since the 1980s. He co-produced the album with rapper "Pushtak".

11. In 2008, Amdursky released his fourth solo album, "Here You Are". Among the famous songs on the album were "Train to the North", "Surfers" and "Genesis". The album was also distributed in a double edition with five more songs and even reached gold album status.

12. In 2009, Amdursky launched the show "Sharim HaDudaim", in which he and Israel Gurion perform songs from the Dudaim duo, with Amdursky replacing his late father, Benny Amdursky.

(Photo: Vardi Kahana)

13. In 2011 Amdursky released his fifth solo album "Side A". The first single that preceded it was "Where Are You Today". The second single from the album was "A Couple from Heaven". The album opens with the song "The streets take off slowly", based on lyrics by David Avidan.

14. In 2013, the album "Sharim HaDudaim" was released and accompanied by a tour. The album included 18 songs, most of which were recorded in the past by the Dudaim duo, as well as songs recorded for the first time by Amdursky and Gurion. The recordings were attended by, among others, Matti Gurion (son of Israel Gurion), Ahuva Ozeri, choirs, and an ensemble of instruments.

15. In 2016, Amdursky joined the panel of judges for the fourth season of "The Next Star to the Eurovision" in which he participates to this day.

16. In the same year, Amdursky's sixth solo album "Here" was released. The album consists of various materials that Amdursky has collected over the years and with which he has experimented with different styles and tools. Amdursky released this album with the support of mass funding.

17. A year later, Yaheli Sobol's album "Long Runs" was released, which was produced and arranged by Amdursky who also played drums and bass on the album.

18. Amdursky continued to take his father's place and in 2018, another joint album was released for Amdursky and Israel Gurion, which is a sequel to the album "Sharim HaDudaim". This album, which is characterized by a richer production, featured musicians such as Yehuda Poliker, Yehudit Ravitz, and Marina Maximilian.

19. In 2021, Assaf released the album "MEFORAK: Remixes" consisting of 11 tracks that give a different and up-to-date interpretation to the songs he has recorded over the years. The album featured: Rona Keinan, Red Axes, Raiskinder, Avishag Cohen Rodriguez, Yotam Avni, and more.

20. In August 2021 he released the album "432", which consists of 8 songs he wrote and composed on a secluded beach in Sinai. The album cover is a collection of 5 paintings that were sold and donated to the Shanti House Association.

21. Amdursky also participated in soundtrack productions of films. He composed and recorded music for movies and TV series. Among others: "Colombian love", "Lost islands", "You want a site - a bird in a room", "Driver" and "Nina's disasters".

22. He has also collaborated with many different artists such as Shuli Rand, Shalom Hanoch, Berry Sakharof, Aviv Geffen, Daniela Pick, and many others.

Listen to his latest studio album "432" on: Spotify, Apple Music

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