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Asking Alexandria - From Death to Destiny

Asking Alexandria's third album "From Death to Destiny" was released on August 6, 2013, so here are some interesting facts about the album:

1. The album was recorded in six different studios in the US and England.

2. One of them was a studio that the band set up on their tour bus. They said that songwriting is often done during touring and they always dreamed of having a studio with them during the tour where they could record.

3. Singer Danny Worsnop suffered a tear in his vocal cords during the recording of the album and needed a long period of recovery, which extended the creation of the album.

(Photo: Jeremy Saffer)

4. During the recordings there was a lot of friction and confrontation between Danny and the rest of the band, guitarist Ben Bruce said they had to make a lot of compromises because Danny just refused to sing when he objected to the processing or writing of a song (maybe that was for the better).

5. About two years after the album's release the clashes intensified, Danny's addiction to alcohol also intensified and he left the band claiming he wanted to focus on a different style of music with his second band "We Are Harlot". But about a year and a half later they resolved all the conflicts and he returned to the band !! (And a good thing, he's one of the most talented vocalists)

6. This album is considered the band's adolescence stage, their sound goes from electronic combinations to more concentrated hard rock and their lyrics move from topics like drugs and girls to more personal and complex topics like death, loneliness, relationships, and more.

7. The transition from a heavy metal-core style saturated with electronics and productions to a more basic hard rock style with a combination of melody and "growling", made this album more accessible and opened the band to a new audience of fans.

8. The band has released three music videos for the album: "The Death Of Me", "Moving On" and "Killing You" Danny says that in the "Moving On" clip they share many intimate moments and expose themselves to their fans.

9. The song "Until The End" features singer Howard Jones who was, among other things, the singer of Killswitch Engage

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