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Alice Cooper - Detroit Stories

On February 26, 2021, Alice Cooper released the album "Detroit Stories", his 21st albumת which is a "back to the roots" album of the veteran singer, who was born in the city of Detroit and grew out of it, musically.

From the first listen it seems that this is one of the best Alice Cooper albums in recent years. If you like Alice from the classic era, this album will surely do you good.

Cooper recruited the legendary Bob Ezrin, who started working with him back in the 70s, as a producer, and now returns to help him recreate the legendary sound of the 70s.

Ellis also surrounded himself with guests from the veterans of the Detroit scene, including guitarist Wayne Kramer from the band "MC5", and guitarist Mark Farner from the band "Grand Funk Railroad". In addition, members of the Alice Cooper band from the 1970s such as Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway, and Neal Smith, as well as drummer Larry Mullen from the "U2" band, are also staying here.

Cooper stated that the album will explore how the city of cars and industry helped the development of what he defines as "angry hard rock" and later became known as the shock rock genre. He said that the city of Detroit was the only place that accepted the "angry" and different hard rock sound that he brought at the beginning of his career and therefore this album will be a kind of homage to the city. Said and done! Those who listened to the singles already released by him knew to say that they definitely remind the sound and the vibe that existed in Detroit almost five decades ago.

The album opens up with "Rock 'n' Roll", the first single released from the album which is actually a cover version of "The Velvet Underground" song written and recorded by Lou Reed in Detroit. The second track "Go Man Go" is a rough and dirty classic punk-rock piece, and right after it comes "Our Love Will Change The World" with the "Beatles" flavor which, in stark contrast to the previous track, is full of optimism.

The fourth track "Social Debris" returns us to the metallic and dirty sound that so beautifully represents the music that came out of the iron city and the cars, an angry and protesting track that really makes us feel like "human waste".

The fifth track "$1000 High Heel Shoes" is one of the most surprising ones on the album. Ellis recruits trumpets, wind instruments, Cooper's, and a backing choir and sets out to roam the realms of "gospel", "doo-wop" and the blues.

The seventh track "Detroit City 2021" best sums up the essence of this album and the return to the roots. It is an anthem for the city of Detroit which takes us back 18 years to the original song taken from the album "The Eyes Of Alice Cooper". Even the eyes on that album from 2003 correspond with Alice Cooper's made-up eyes on the cover of the current album looking down on the dark city of Detroit. The song mentions among others the veterans of the scene Iggy Pop, David Bowie, "The MC5", Bob Seger and Suzi Quatro, and the "Shock Rock" that was born in the city.

The list of songs on the album:

1. Rock ‘n’ Roll

2. Go Man Go

3. Our Love Will Change The World

4. Social Debris

5. $1000 High Heel Shoes

6. Hail Mary

7. Detroit City 2021

8. Drunk And In Love

9. Independence Dave

10. I Hate You

11. Wonderful World

12. Sister Anne

13. Hanging On By A Thread (Don’t Give Up)

14. Shut Up And Rock

15. East Side Story

For Listening click: Here.

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