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Alcatrazz - Sword of Deliverance

Friday Release # 103

A new single, the second in number, from an album on the way to the band "Alcatrazz".

Apparently something good is happening with "Alcatrazz" that releases a second single in a month and plans to release a second album in a year, after 34 years of drought.

"Alcatrazz" was formed in 1983, and combined a mix of heavy metal and melodic rock performed by guitarists Yngwie J. Malmsteen and later Steve Vai. That same year the band released their debut album "No Parole from Rock 'n' Roll", which featured the hit "Island in the Sun". The band continued to build popularity with the album "Disturbing the Peace" which was released in 1985 and included the hit "God Blessed Video". After the third album "Dangerous Games" from 1986, "Alcatrazz" disbanded and for 34 years did not release any new material.

As you may recall, the trigger for the release of the comeback album "Born Innocent" in 2020 were three reunion shows of the band, which were held in 2017 in Japan. The performances were recorded on the album / DVD called - Parole Denied - Tokyo 2017, and the reactions the band received pushed the members to write new material.

The album "Born Innocent" featured a reunion of the legendary singer Graham Bonnet with two of the original band members, keyboardist Jimmy Waldo and bassist Gary Shea, with guitarist Joe Stump known from the bands "Trash Broadway" and "Reign of Terror", among others and Mark Benquechea on drums. This band continues with us for the next album, except for singer Graham Bonnet who retired from the band during 2020. His replacement is none other than the legendary Doogie White, who was known among others as the frontman of Rainbow, "Yngwie Malmsteen", Michael Schenker and more.

In June we got the first single from the new album "V" that is due out in the fall of 2021. The song "Turn of the Wheel" was the first written by the new band featuring singer Doogie White who noted that he was amazed when he first heard the riff.

We now get the second and excellent single "Sword of Deliverance" which proves it's probably going to be an amazing second album in a row.

The release date of the album "V" has not yet been announced, this is the fifth album (V) of "Alcatrazz" and according to the band the letter "V" also refers to the word "Victory" as they see it as a victory of the band returning stronger than ever despite all odds.

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