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Akira Takasaki

Congratulations to the legendary guitarist we really love and appreciate - Akira Takasaki.

(Photo: Frank Schwichtenberg)

He was born on February 22, 1961 in Osaka Japan and he is the undisputed leader and the only permanent member of "Loudness".

Akira is a gifted and intelligent guitarist who has the rare and ultimate combination of amazing technique enforced with great melodies and emotional playing. He also writes music with supreme grace and is also an amazing performer.

When he was 14, Akira won a young talent contest that was televised.

He began his musical career with the Japanese hard rock band "Lazy" which he formed in 1973 with his classmate Hironobu Kageyama. Drummer Munetaka Higuchi was also part of the band, which released 7 studio albums and three EPs.

He founded "Loudness" in 1981, together with drummer Munetaka Higuchi. It was the first heavy metal band to sign with a major international label and also succeed outside of Japan.

Akira is a very "abundant spring" of music.

He has released to date along with "Loudness" no less than 27 studio albums, 3 mini-albums and a load bunch of other performances and compilation albums.

In fact, the band continues to release albums even today (last in 2018), with all members of the original band, except drummer Munetaka Higuchi who died of liver cancer in 2008.

Akira also has a glorious solo career in which he has so far released 10 studio albums.

In addition he is a part of a number of projects and lineups, among them: M.T. Fuji, Misako Honjoh, Jasmine Sky and Ji-Zo.

(Photo: Media Punch)

IAkria founded and manages the guitar company "Killer Guitars". He is also responsible for designing some of the guitars, including the one in the picture at the top of the page.

So let's wish him many more years of wonderful music.

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