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Psycho Ward Fest, Vol.2 - Gagarin - 09/04/2023

So this time we'll make it shorter and more focused...

Just read our review of "Psycho Ward Fest, Vol.1" and amplify and multiply...

Why amplify? Because everything that is said in our previous review was increased and intensified. We came to the conclusion that "Psycho Ward Fest, Vol.2" is actually "Psycho Ward Fest, Vol.1" on overdrive.

So here, we are repeating exactly the same chapters from the previous review, only specifying the details for you, so that they fit the musical wonder that took place last night at the Gagarin Club in Tel Aviv.

The Production and Management Were Masterful...

If we thought that the management and the production at the previous festival were masterful, then this time Vladislav Mazourenko and the "Hotbox" team simply surpassed themselves in every professional aspect. Managing a festival that lasts 12 hours that includes 14 bands, is no small matter. Just think that no less than 14 different bands go up and down the stage during the festival. Each band has its own instruments, amplification equipment, unique sound, video art, and lighting that suits its show. This festival had more bands than the previous one and it spanned more time, yet the complex production behind this massive thing was managed in a professional and precise manner.

In addition to the beautiful video art of the bands at this festival, we also got the addition of pyrotechnics. Literally "fire and smoke" that came straight from the "Passover Haggadah" to the stage, accompanied and enhanced the show, even managing to surprise some of the bands themselves. We got more merch booths, and more diversity. The attention to detail was particularly noticeable this time, from the welcome of the "closed ward" Doctors wearing wardrobes to the bracelets that were distributed at the entrance, in which a numerical code was hidden that helped to locate the winner of the guitar raffle, at the end of the last show of the festival - of the band " "Scardust".

How did the singer Ilya Badrov express himself during the "The Fading" show? Vlad is a genius!!! And we certainly agree with him.

The bands Were Amazing...

How many amazing bands were at this festival... we have tremendous talents here in Israel "no need to look for anything abroad", and yes, we are, again, using Ilya Bedrov's of "The Fading" quote, and he is so right!!!

Those of you who were there saw in their own eyes, levels of writing and performance at the highest level, of each and every one of the 14 bands that took the stage. We have nothing to be ashamed of, we have crazy bands here in Israel and they deserve worldwide recognition and international success! What's more amazing about that, is with the exception of "SaffeK", "HotBox", and "Walkways" who also appeared at the previous festival, this time we received 11 great bands that were not part of "Psycho Ward Fest, Vol.1", so if we add great Israeli bands that weren't part of both festivals, we do not doubt that this massive project can be turned into one big festival of several days, just like the huge legendary festivals abroad.

So this time there were also: "Scardust", "Clapsodra", "Sinnery" , "StormbounD", "The Fading", "Revision The Dream", "Serpentale", "MATRICIDE", "Desert Band", "Cyclops and "Structural", who came up, each in turn, on the small stage of the "Gagarin club" and made us feel as if we were a minimum at the legendary "Wacken" festival.

(Photos: Ofir Avrahamov)

Do you realize what crazy bands we have here in Israel??? The never-ending talent that was on one small stage, in a relatively short period of time, was simply unimaginable!!! It's not for nothing that we were informed (only during this festival) that we are already exporting Metal abroad 😍 "Scardust" is going to join forces with none other than "Blind Guardian", and support them in Europe this fall, "SaffeK" plans to Scorch the stage at the "Masters of Rock" festival in the Czech Republic this July and "Walkways" jumps for a short trip to London this May, performing as special guests of "The Omnific" and will later host them in a concert here in Israel, together with "Shell Beach" from Hungary, at "Reading 3".

The Crowd Was Unbelievable...

Yes, yes, neither Passover nor the complex situation in Israel stopped the crowd that came in and voted with their feet (which must have been burning with pain after 12 consecutive hours of excellent live shows). In our opinion (and only the organizers of the event can confirm this), the number of attendees was even greater than the previous festival. This could be seen both inside the club itself and outside, at the entrance plaza and in front of the merch stands during the short breaks between the shows. Even the tough time - 1:00 p.m., did not deter the festival crowd. Already in the first minutes of the opening show of "Serpentale" a respectable audience presence was observed, most of whom were present throughout the entire 12 hours of the festival, until the final show of "Scardust" and the raffle held at the end.

(Photos: Ofir Avrahamov)

As in the previous festival, the audience came to enjoy, to experience this amazing thing called music, to fly in the air, to roar at the top of their lungs, and forget for a few hours about their problems, troubles, and worries. But more than that, like the previous festival, this time too we felt more than anything that the crowd that visited the "Gagarin Club" yesterday came to support their favorite bands, to be a part of the amazing metal scene in Israel, to have mingled with their peers and also to inaugurate the next generation. Yes, we also saw quite a few families in the audience who came with the children and shared this crazy experience together and it was definitely a very exciting sight!!!

In Conclusion...

Everyone who was a part of this crazy thing, bands, promoters, producers, booth operators, and of course the large crowd that poured in their masses already knows!!!! Israel has a crazy metal scene and we should all be proud of it. Allow us to use a nickname from the mouth of Alon Karneali from "Sinnery" You are the "AntiTribe". Or in other words, the different and other tribe, the minority destined to grow and spread some light on dark days. All that's left to do is wait patiently for "Psycho Ward Fest, Vol.3" and imagine what other surprises Vladislav Mazourenko and the "Hotbox" team will prepare for us down the road...

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