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Berry Sakharoff - Hot on the Moon

On December 7, 1995, Berry Sakharoff's third album, "Hot on the Moon", was released, an album that officially placed Berry Sakharoff at the center of the Israeli mainstream and spawned many hits that became the soundtrack of Israeli music.

In 1994, Berry released his second solo album, "Signs of Weakness," a groundbreaking work that incorporated avant-garde electronic and sampling elements, pushing the boundaries of Israeli music at the time. Despite its innovative nature, the album did not achieve commercial success, experiencing lackluster sales. Undeterred by this setback, Berry, an experienced musician, remained resilient and embarked on the creation of his next album.

In his previous release, Berry had already distanced himself from his longstanding collaborator Ramy Fortis, establishing an independent approach to his work. With the current project, Berry entered the studio with a clear vision of how he wanted to compose and produce the album. Unlike a singular guiding force, Berry favored a collaborative approach to music-making. In the studio, a diverse group of musicians gathered to contribute their individuality to the creative process, each adding their unique elements to the songs.

Dan Toren, a significant figure in the writing and production aspects, described the atmosphere at D.B. Studios as exhilarating, marked by highs and lows. Berry aimed to capture the essence of live music, fostering an environment where musicians collectively shaped the musical direction rather than relying on a single decision-maker.

Berry's collaborative and diverse approach to music-making, where each musician contributes their unique style, has yielded an album that is truly eclectic and varied. The inclusion of rock-grunge in tracks like "Come Home" and "I Know," blues in "'77," reggae, dramatic symphonies, nature-inspired parties in "Diamond," and the oriental vibes of "Ohtak Baby" showcase the album's wide-ranging influences. The creative ensemble comprised of Berry, Dan Toren, Oren Lautenberg, Haim LaRose, and Oded Farah has played a pivotal role in crafting this diverse musical landscape.

The album produced several chart-topping hits, including "Come Home," "Yomoledet" (which received a dance rendition by Infected Mushroom), "Hot on the Moon," and "Make Room." These songs have not only left a lasting impact on Berry's career but have also made a significant mark on the landscape of Israeli music.

Following the album's release, Berry embarked on a lengthy and successful local tour alongside the band with whom he recorded the album. This tour garnered increasing audiences, solidifying Berry's status as one of the most recognizable rock stars in Israel.

Following the success of the aforementioned album, Berry's second album received a significant boost, solidifying its status as one of the pivotal works in Israeli music. Notably, tracks like "Kama Yossi," "White Noise," "For You," and "Tni li makom" left a lasting impact on listeners.

In 2015, in celebration of the album's 20th anniversary, a tribute show named "Dub on the Moon" was staged during the "Indingev" festival. This special performance featured a dub and reggae interpretation of the album's songs. Beno Handler, the producer and bassist who had previously collaborated with Berry on the "You Are Here" album, took on the responsibility of managing the show.

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