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Berry Sakharoff - Hot on the Moon

On December 7, 1995, Berry Sakharoff's third album, "Hot on the Moon", was released, an album that officially placed Berry Sakharoff at the center of the Israeli mainstream and spawned many hits that became the soundtrack of Israeli music.

In 1994 Berry released his second solo album "Signs of Weakness", an album that was very innovative and included many electronic and sample elements that were ahead of their time in Israeli music. The album was not a commercial success and sales of the album were quite weak. Berry, who was already a veteran musician, did not despair and began working on the next album...

If in the previous album Berry broke away from his longtime friend and partner Ramy Fortis and began to formulate an independent way of working, here Berry already entered the studio knowing exactly how he wanted to work, write and create the album.

Berry likes the creation that takes place by different musicians while working, therefore there is no one person who guides or decides on the musical direction, but a group of musicians who sit together in the studio and create together, with each one bringing himself into the music and putting his own elements into the song.

Dan Toren, who was among the significant figures in the writing and production, said that the work process at D.B. Studios was very exciting and full of ups and downs, Berry wanted to capture a lot of the spirit of the live music.

Berry's approach and the way of working in which everyone brings their own and the collection of musicians which is very diverse and eclectic, resulted in the creation of an album which is very eclectic and diverse!! There is rock-grunge "Come home", "I know", there is blues "'77", there is reggae, there are dramatic symphonies, tracks taken from nature parties "Diamond" and of course oriental "Ohtak Baby".

And all of these are created by Berry, Dan Toren, Oren Lautenberg, Haim LaRose, and Oded Farah.

Great hits came out of this album, such as "Come Home", "Yomoledet" which was given a dance version by Infected Mushroom, "Hot on the Moon" and "Make room". Songs that left their mark on Berry's career and on Israeli music.

After the release of the album, Berry went on a long and successful local tour, together with the band with which he recorded the album, this attracted more and more audiences and made Berry one of the most recognizable rock stars in Israel.

After the success of the above-mentioned album, Berry's second album received a strong push and it also became one of the most important albums in Israeli music, from which the songs "Kama Yossi", "White Noise", "For You" and "Tni li makom" made their mark.

In 2015, in honor of the album's 20th-anniversary celebrations, a tribute show titled "Dub on the Moon" was performed as part of the "Indingev" festival - in which the album's songs were given a dub and reggae interpretation. The producer and bassist Beno Handler, who had already worked with Berry on his album "You Are Here", was entrusted with managing the show.

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